Swedish berry sodas

Looking for a refreshing taste of nature?

These berry sodas were named "Vildsoda" (Wild soda) as they are made of berries grown in the wilderness of north Sweden. The sodas are made of pristine spring water from north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden. Tapped at the source, the spring water is carbonated and naturally flavoured by blueberries, lingonberries, and cloudberries. These three berries are classified as superberries because of their rich health benefits as a high content of antioxidants and vitamin C. Berries grown north of the Arctic Circle, in the light of the Midnight sun, do not only have the richest flavour, but also contains the most antioxidants and vitamins because the berries have grown under more sun hours. One bottle berry soda contains approx. 300 berries.

The berry sodas can be enjoyed as they are - a great healthy alcoholfree addition to the bar, but are also suitable for mixing drinks of these exciting flavours.

Flavours: Cloudberry, blueberry & lingonberry
The berry sodas are organic
- 100% Natural flavours & colourings from the berries.

Italian fruit sodas
from Tuscany

Our selection of non alcoholic Italian beverages consists of twelve sparkling beverages with unique tastes and are genuinely made in Tuscany, Italy, by a family company. The fruit sodas are made of freshly pressed fruit juice and spring water from Monte Amiata on 1200 m height. All of the sodas are sparkling and non alcoholic but can be perfectly used to mix drinks as well, such as the classic Bitter, or have you ever tasted the exceptional sweet citrus beverage Cedrata?


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