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My passion for exceptional flavours was born in Tuscany, Italy. Growing up I had the fortune of experiencing the Italian cuisine with my family. My aunt lived in Tuscany with her Italian husband who was a chef at his own seafood restaurant by the beach walk, he was awarded with the Michelin fork and his restaurant with three Michelin stars. I remember when me and my younger sister were little and our uncle gave us and our parents a tour of the restaurant kitchen before opening hours. Everything was spotless, the stainless steel worktops were shining, everything was in order, the canvas sheets laid out on the tables and the morning sun was shining in through the large windows facing the sea. When bringing home food from the restaurant for dinner, my uncle would take a large sheet of king prawns on his bike. As dessert me and my sister got ice cream but as kids we also liked to eat fruit, cheese and crackers with the adults after dinner. We dined for hours and enjoyed the evening after a hot day in the sun on the beach, joy and laughter.

My uncle had many friends who also owned restaurants in different places of Tuscany, my family visited many of them together with my aunt and uncle. Sometimes it could take quite a car drive to reach the restaurants up in the mountains and the weather was hot. Me and my sisters were under ten years old but we always enjoyed those car rides, the scenery along the way was beautiful and the closer the restaurant we got, the more beautiful the view was. 

Thanks to the Italian culinary experiences I have, I learned to recognize good taste -and exceptional taste which I am very grateful for because dining and drinking are about having a wonderful time with your loved ones -it is about creating lifelong memories.

The heart of the Italian lifestyle is in enjoying life, “la vita è bella” - life is beautiful, and that is what I want to pass on to you. The reason why I founded Logardt Group is because I want to deliver beverages of exceptional tastes to your wonderful moments with your loved ones.

Logardt Group is a family company who cares about creating longterm relationships. If you want to contact us in Italian, you can do so and we will respond in Italian.

Best regards/Saluti,

Ulrika Logardt

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